More than 80% of the people prefer immersive VR trainings and simulations


Find your current production, tools and technological process that mimics your real environment.


Save up to 35% of training costs and train workers faster up to 50%

The perfect virtual reality training simulator for painting and coating production..

  • Entire painting process

    VR PAINT simulates the entire painting process, including surface preparation, painting, the use of stencils

  • Spray gun simulators

    Spray gun simulators for tactile sensations, with wireless 6DoF VR tracking and pressure sensors.

  • High accuracy motion control

    High accuracy motion control to train painters with spray gun

  • Heat maps

    Heat maps to control layer thickness and surface preparation quality

  • Full customization

    Current workshop, tools and spray-guns, painting and coating materials and stencils, specific defects

  • Wireless technology

    Complete freedom of movement in real space using wireless technology

  • Absolutely safe environment

    Learning in a safe environment, without
    any health risk

  • Eco-friendly training

    Eco-friendly training without paint consumption and completely safe for the environment

  • Compatible with all VR systems

    Compatible with HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Pro Eye, Oculus Rift, HP Reverb and all Windows Mixed Reality devices

Demo Request.

Request a remote live demonstration via Zoom, our engineers will answer all your questions and will help to define necessary VR simulation features.

Also, we will send you the full VR PAINT presentation and the questionnaire to define all production types, processes, and tools you need to simulate in VR PAINT.

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up to 35 %

Cost saving

More than 80 %

prefer VR simulations

Performance Confirmed by Customers.

We started using VR PAINT for training painting freight cars and it paid off in less than a year.

A well thought out and designed solution helps to significantly reduce costs. I recommend!

We support the innovative VR PAINT solution, which is changing the paradigm of industrial training. This is a team of real professionals and they make a very cool product!

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